Highway Marking

Highway markings must be applied to specified dimensions set out in the traffic signs manual by law. Car Park Markings Ltd operatives have an NVQ level 2 and purpose-built trucks to ensure that all highway works the operatives do is to a high standard and to the specifications set out.

Car Park Markings Ltd does not use bonus-related pay as used by some of our competitors as we believe this leads to rushed work with mistakes. We believe this can give our customers peace of mind that all work is carried out correctly and on time for all highway works.

MMA Road Markings

Over the last few months, we have been carrying out extensive tests on a new product called MMA. We believe the higher cost of the product far outwieghs the savings that this product can bring to many marking jobs to which roadmarkings is great.

MMA will last, on average, 2 times longer than tradtional methods saving time with road closures and ongoing maintainence. Here at Car Park Markings Ltd , we will do a full cost analyisis for you to recommend what the best marking method will be.


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